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What is a charging card?
How do I order a charging card?
I’ve selected a charging station but can’t initiate charging in the app. I get an error message saying “Status not found”.
I have ordered a charging card but it has not arrived yet.
I can start a charging session with the charging card from the station operator but not with the Northe charging card.
The station starts CHAdeMO plug and not CCS.
Where do I find the kW capacity that each plug at a public charging station provide?
Why does the charging session fail?
How do I charge?
I get an error message when I select the right plug for charging.
How do I find a charging station?
What is the difference between the charging plugs; Type 2, CCS, CHAdeMO and Tesla supercharger?
The charging session does not end when I unplug the station.
Clever charging station does not work. I can't start charging sessions at charging stations operated by Clever.
Can the price per kWh be changed?
How do I see the cost of my charging session? Where do I see my invoices and charging history?

Route planner

I have an Electric Vehicle but still can’t add my car
Why can’t I add my hybrid car in the app?

Profile & settings

How do I see my charging history?
Is it possible to use different digitals IDs to login?
How do I create a billing account?
How do I delete my account?
How do I select if I want to pay through a billing account or my personal account?
Why can't I add my credit card?
I have registered through Leaseplan and can’t log in to my account.
Why can't I add email to my account?
How do I add credit a card and select payment method?
How do I edit my profile?
How do I register an account?
How do I add a vehicle?
I have registered two different accounts. Can I merge them?
Why does the app not recognise my car when I fill in the registration number?
Why can't I add my personalized vehicle registration number? Can I add vehicles with a personalised registration plate?
How do I filter which plugs are shown in the map?
Why can't I stop my charging in the app when I start the session with the RFID card? Why can't I stop my charging in the app when I start the session with the Northe Charging Card?
Not able to accept the invitation for multiple accounts? How do I accept an invite to a Billing account?
How does billing accounts work?
How do I reset my password?

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