Another invention from Sweden

Northe consists of a team of ambitious people with the mission to simplify your day-to-day charging experience.

Charge your next adventure

For some people, charging the car is the worst part of your trip. Because. You. Just. Want. To. Move. On.

We understand and agree. On the other hand, charging is the most beautiful thing in the world. Why? Because it is always the start of an adventure. Sometimes a little and short experience. Sometimes a long and big adventure. 

We can’t do everything, but no matter where you are, we will always do our best to ensure that charging up for your next adventure is as simple as possible.

We love

Northe is a Swedish Tech Startup founded in Stockholm by David Fauné, Stefano De Colli, and Tamas Hess in 2020.  

Tamas was an early adopter of driving electric and was constantly annoyed with the complexity associated with charging. With a background in the car industry, he told David about his experience. They introduced Stefano to the idea of a solution, who confirmed it could build the platform, and Northe was born.

Northe’s vision is to simplify the transition from fossil fuel-driven cars to electric, focusing on the end-user. We provide drivers with an exceptional charging tool, companies with a platform that simplifies payments and administration, and charge point facilitators with the availability to integrate a simple payment solution for their stations.

Northe aims to cover both public and semi-public charging spots to give drivers the option to charge nationwide across operator borders and provide a transparent overview of their charging history.

The company has been operating since January 2021 and is targeting the European EV market.

Be a part of the gang

Together with the industry, our company is constantly growing. We are always looking for talents to work with.

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